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Originally Posted by roger64 View Post
I fully agree. Exactly same experience with writer2xhtml, in French language, though I proceed directly from Apache OpenOffice.

I complete writer2xhtml with Sigil mainly to add dropcaps and a multiple decoration. Here is the latest example EPUB.
Nicely done, though I've always had problems with dropcaps. Not in styling them but in the way so many different ereaders mess them up. JEdit mentioned by others is another good addition for one's toolkit... for those who want to stay with cross-platform tools. I prefer the like macro and automation functions of Komodo Edit (not cross-platform) or DreamWeaver (with more potent coding capability).

On that subtopic, are there other cross-platform pure code editors that others would recommend? I nevert export direct (X)HTML from a document file when it comes to EPUB creation, as it is an unnecessary step when using the likes of OpenOffice, LibreOffice, etc. But a decent (pure text) code editor is nice to have around for those special cases when the XHTML/CSS needs to be tweaked in an efficient environment that isn't a truck when only a scooter is needed. Other suggestions, anyone?
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