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Originally Posted by stangri View Post
So the only concern when using the bin-file generated by your scripts is that it will factory-reset the k2/DX?
Well, technically it's neither a script nor is it from me
I've only made very minor modifications to the source provided by yifanlu to get it working with a k3 already running 3.3.

Originally Posted by stangri View Post
And just to double-check: to make your 3.3 script create the correct bin-file do I need to use the rootfs.img which was created by the back up script while DX was on 2.5.8 or do I need to generate a new one on my DX (which is now on 3.2.1) if I want to migrate from 3.2.1 to 3.3?
You should use the bin file from 2.5.8. It's probably possible to use newer images also, but that may need some modifications.

The package generated on the k3 is always a full recover package for the k2. You can use it for up and downgrades.
(Also be handy if you bricked the kindle. Should be usable to revover it as long as the recovery menu still works. But never needed that...)
That's also the reason it factory resets the kindle. The complete OS partition will be overwritten. It will keep books, through. They are on another partition.

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