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TOC attribute validation error

I have a validation error I am curious to know what it means.

  <Message>toc attribute references resource with non-NCX mime type; "application/x-dtbncx+xml" is expected</Message> 
When i check the area for the package,ocf in regards to the spine on line 67:

<spine toc="ncx">
<itemref idref="html-cover-page" linear="no"/>
<itemref idref="frontmatter01"/>
<itemref idref="title"/>
<itemref idref="copyright"/>
<itemref idref="dedication"/>
<itemref idref="contents"/>
<itemref idref="frontmatter02"/>
<itemref idref="frontmatter03"/>
<itemref idref="frontmatter04"/>
<itemref idref="part01"/>
<itemref idref="frontmatter05"/>
<itemref idref="part01chapter01"/>
<itemref idref="part02"/>
<itemref idref="part02chapter02"/>
<itemref idref="part02chapter03"/>
<itemref idref="part02chapter04"/>
<itemref idref="part02chapter05"/>
<itemref idref="part02chapter06"/>
<itemref idref="part02chapter07"/>
<itemref idref="part02chapter08"/>
<itemref idref="part02chapter09"/>
<itemref idref="part03"/>
<itemref idref="part03chapter10"/>
<itemref idref="part03chapter11"/>
<itemref idref="backmatter01"/>
<itemref idref="backmatter02"/>
<itemref idref="backmatter03"/>
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