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Explanation about chapters

Hello there, I am new of this forum.
I am here because I would like to understand how chapter marking works in Sigil - Calibre - Kindle.

I know that it is a very common question, but reading from others posts, I cannon understand clearly the answer, so I'll try to put the question another time, hoping to understand (thank you in advance).

So I have this book that I am trying to edit. I have 4 XHTML files insides. From my experience, every XHTML files, generates a chapter in my Kindle, either if there is no HEADING mark. I've never known other ways to have a chapter different from breaking my book into a lots of XHTML files.
For the first time I've noticed that with this book chapters are created in Kindle also without breaking the book into multiples XHTML files. But I still don't understand.
The 1st XHTML file consists just of a word with a <H1> tag.
The 2nd XHTML files consists of a word with a <H2> and a series of <H3> tags. The same for the 3rd XHTML file and the 4th HTMLS file.
I cannot understand why the result (after converting the file with Calibre) in my Kindle is to have a chapter for the H1 tag, a chapter for the H2 tag, and a chapter for every H3 tag for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd XHTLM file. In the last one something is different because I have just the chapter for the H2 tag and not for the H3 tag. I have a correct TOC in Sigil (every H3 tag is selected) and a correct TOC in my Kindle, but, when I click on the Kindle TOC on a H3 TAG of the last file, it is linked with the last H2 tag and so it is not working correctly
I hope you understand and help me understand too.
Thanks in advance!!!
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