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Can you do this with an Android reading app yet?

Okay, here's what I'd like to do on my Android tablet, and I just haven't been able to find out if it's possible. I would like to create my own editions of public domain books from Project Gutenberg, mark them up in a reading app, and then open the marked-up books on my Windows computer. Can this be done?

I've read that one can possibly force Kindle apps into syncing sideloaded books and annotations if a person uses special software to assign an ASIN to a .mobi file. My main worry here is that Amazon could suddenly lower its fist and put an end to this workaround.

I also know that you can mark up epubs with different reading apps, but if I understand correctly, there is no standard annotation system (meaning annotations might not show up in other e-reading software). So are any Android reading apps compatible with Window-based e-reading software? I hear many good things about Mantano. Would it be possible to mark up a custom, non-DRM'd epub in Mantano, sync it via Dropbox to my computer, and open it with something like Adobe Digital Editions, with all highlights, annotations, etc, intact?

I mean, this should be possible, right? It's 2012, isn't it? Heck, I'd settle for an app that would let you add highlights and annotations (via footnotes) to .html, just so long as I could mark up on my reader and open later on my computer.

Thanks for your help.
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