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Wanted- Something epic... (SF/ Fantasy)

OK, so I'm bored and looking for an epic, well-written series (Alright, these don't always come hand in hand!)
My primary interest is at the harder end of SF, but fantasy is fine as well, so long as it's well worked out.

I suppose the most important thing to me, is a scenario and world mechanic that actually works and stays in context
I've read far too much where authors suddenly invent a stardrive, magic and so on, but simply fail to think of the technical practicalities, or even invent consistent rules.

Series I've recently enjoyed as a FWIW:
* Ben Bova- The complete set from the Moonwar to the Asteroid wars. Someone who's actually thought about the physics is a rare, rare beastie
* Asimov's foundation series. Introduced to these early, and even have a couple of signed firsts courtesy of my grandfather, classic stuff.
* Otherland- Different, but a really interesting concept of the internet wrapped up in fantasy and a bit of an LSD trip. Memory, Sorrow and Thorn was good, but not brilliant, tended to go on a bit in places.
* A Game of Thrones- Good, but not brilliant; I think he went too far with the anyone can die concept.
* David Weber- Read most of the Harrington series, very decent, but IMHO drops off towards the end. Also read the one where aliens invade earth, which started well, but went to pot about where Dracula was introduced.

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