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Corrupted OS? Hardware failure?

I have a rooted PRS-T1 (via Rupor's). I have been using the rooted device for over 1 month and have had no issues. I do not have many applications installed. Google framework to use Acalendar and gmail app, store, Coolreader, Shorzy, weather channel, handy converter and a scientific calculator. I have noticed a several second delay when going to the the third screen where the android apps are listed. This is a new development and does not seem to be linked to any install or device change.

I was siting outside in ~94 degree heat solving a crossword on Shortzy. Suddenly the device screen went white and the large circular arrows showed up. The screen went white, flickered the the arrows showed up again. This looped several times and continued even when holding the power button down. I figured the device may have over heated and went inside. I used the reset button and was able to reset the device. at this point it seemed to want me to redo the initial setup asking for language, but then a message popped up informing me that google services has stopped responding with a force close option. I hit force close and the same message came up about 20 more times.

I was able to eventually get rid of all the messages and shut down the device. When restarted the same thing occurred. I was able to do a phone reset. Now the device starts uyp normally and seems to work ok though all my android stuff is gone except Superuser and Settings.

I really like having the device rooted and have come to rely on the calendar a bit since my phone isn't smart. Any advice? Reroot, restore with uboot then re-root or leave well enough alone and just read?

Sorry for length and thanks.
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