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Originally Posted by HarryT View Post
It can take many hours of work to convert a PG book into a nice readable eBook - I speak from thousands of hours of experience in book conversion. It is not "stupid and lazy" to consider those hours of work to be worth paying 99c for. Indeed, one might consider it "stupid" to spend several hours RATHER than paying 99c. Is your time really worth so little to you?
I did not mean that the person who created the book was stupid and lazy, such as yourself. And I do not see anything wrong with someone who has spent the time to create and format an ebook to try to sell it. That was not my argument. My argument is that from a consumers point of view it just doesn't make sense because there are already resources out there (such as Project Gutenberg and this website) that offer these same books for free without a subscription or any conditions atached. So when that is the case, why would someone be stupid enough to buy a free ebook for 99 cents, and considering the vastness of the information super highway, that same person is also lazy because they didn't take the time to look and find these free resources which would have allowed them to save themselves 99 cents. Thus they are stupid and lazy.
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