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Originally Posted by transmitthis View Post
Anyone know of a good handwriting to type app.

Tried a few but they seem to just save it as an image, I wanted the notes to be converted to actual text.

Tamming, hrm yes been waiting years for Google Voice to come to the UK, one day...along with some comics and tvshows for the N7, oh and Google music too please. Your closer can you not pop over and have a word? :-)
There is a fabulous keyboard alternative that offers both voice to text and handwriting to text, as well as being a terrific keyboard replacement. It's called Flex T9 (awful name for a great product) and is made by the same people who do Dragon transcription software. For me, it's so crucial it's one of the reasons I gave up my Kindle Fire in exchange for a Nexus 7. Oh, and the keyboard also does swipe. Simply fantastic. Best keyboard - at least of the dozen I've tried.
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