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tonyv began at the beginning.
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Eink stanalone demo Qt eink driver for standalone qt apps ie no nickel nickel

(Kobo touch)
I have written (hacked other peoples code) a eink demo and qt driver plugin.
See third post in this thread

edit: how to get rid of ghosts see full_updatescreen.c in above thread
region.update_marker = 999;
update region.flags = EPDC_FLAG_ENABLE_INVERSION ;
ioctl(fb->fbfd , MXCFB_SEND_UPDATE, &region);
marker = 999;
ioctl(fb->fbfd, MXCFB_WAIT_FOR_UPDATE_COMPLETE, &marker);
region.flags = 0;
ioctl(fb->fbfd , MXCFB_SEND_UPDATE, &region);

These are some tools i used compiled strace trace
This is how i compiled strace.

to compile trace
>arm-none-linux-gnueabi-gcc -Wall trace.c -o trace
hacked from here

to compile
hacked from here
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