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Kindle (azw3) paging problem


I'm new to the forum and a relatively new e-book creator. I'm attempting to convert a book from epub (created by me) to azw3 for Kindle and though Calibre does this amazingly well, I've run into a problem paging through the azw3 file on the Kindle. Basically, when paging through the book, two things are happening: 1) If I select, say, chapter 2 from the TOC and page all the way through the chapter, I get kicked back to the beginning of chapter 2 (not chapter 3) once I reach the end. 2) Once that occurs, I then cannot page through the chapter at all. I can go to the second page of chapter two and then get kicked back to the beginning.

This problem does not occur in the epub (at least as tested on the iPad), and I can't seem to find reference to this issue anywhere. I've tried just about every possible Table of Contents-related setting in the Calibre conversion options, but nothing changes.

I've also looked into the toc.ncx file for the azw3 output file, as well as the way the chapters are encoded in the master epub file, and everything looks okay to me.

Has anyone else come across this before? Any thoughts on how to fix?

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