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Put me down for beta testing, please. I'll buy the app now if it delivers on the wireless calibre syncing, content server support is a very nice to have but can follow later. The feature list is great, especially device status syncing and the target folder controls, I use different reader apps for different formats.

I've just dusted off my Nook Color and put a recent stable Android on it, v2.3.7 (CM7.2 kang). There may be more rooted Nook readers out there than you suspect, especially if they're just running the stock software rooted to get additional apps (such as yours). The new Nook Simple Glowlight looks like moving lots of units too (at least one to me, anyway). Obviously I'm a bit of a Nook fan.

I often travel with my notebook (Macbook Air), although I'm thinking of shifting calibre onto a home machine to provide net access. This app with content server support would be brilliant for that.

I'm also an Apple iPad user, would buy the app for that too if available.
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