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I had this happen twice, reinstalling the OS (similar to how Windows OS used to let you get a "clean" os by installing over an existing install) and you'll be good, but back to your original install.

Instead, use Titanium to backup everything, and within 20 min you'll be back to where you left off.

PS in the bottom of the second post, someone said its how the apps use the display memory... I delegated the two dreaded apps I had (Kindle, and I forgot the other) and haven't had issues since.

PSS you can use the free TI backup, but when restoring you'll have to hit "restore --> install --> ok" for all apps, so it'll be hitting those 3 buttons about 200 times...invest $5 for the paid, and you can automate and save backups to dropbox.

The paid app is just one text file, so I have a directory called "ForWhenItAllGoesBad" and I store the text file for the license, the APK for free TI backup (to turn free to pro you drop the license file in the apps' data folder) and copies of pocket allmine (rc3) and I've had to do this twice, and the second time i figured I'd sacrifice about 150mb to make it easy/quick to fix any big problems. Just do backups every week or so, and after installing new apps (after testing and rebooting to ensure its not causing an issue). TI backup has automated backups, and can backup only the changes, so it goes real fast.


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