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Device: Kindle 3 Keyboard/3G
Hi, my kindle 3 is bricked.
I followed the forum to get it repaired and so far I've failed. I am Spanish speaking, so I find it hard at times to translate the information provided, so forgive me in advance if any of what I say you are done (honestly, I read a lot so far).
Current situation:
The Kindle's 3 Keyboard 3G shows the Kindle's tree with the message: "Slide and release the power switch to wake". (Obviously, nothing happens when I press the power button).
Following the noob's guide for k3 unbricking (now in true spanish, thanks to @qlob idea and after a better translation than google's one), I was charging my Kindle in an wall charger for 3 days. the yellow light went out but I kept charging it, I never got the expected green light though to swapping often. Then I assumed my Kindle was really bricked.
I get to the same situation as @Woenk and @arooni: The USB resets itself after once and again.
When I try to debrick it, ATK version 1.67 (i.MX35_T02, MDDR, USB, Flash tool, Program with "read back" checked, using kernel.bin image (from the pastebin) at flash device MMC/SD with the Operation settings address as 0x00041000), after a message "Waiting for USB connection" and few seconds of Loading RAM Kernel, gives me the error: "Failed to initial flash or Do not support this Flash, please reset the target."
I'm using WMware virtualized WinXP, when I plug the USB, the virtualized system recognizes my Kindle as Jungo MX35 , then I think, the drivers are installed correctly...

So, what the hell I can do now? I'm stuck at this point.
I appreciate the help in advance.
Meanwhile continue charging the kindle in the wall charger again and again until it smokes or divine inspiration enlighten me (or preferably any of you)
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