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Originally Posted by Antartica View Post
Try searching for libXtst*,
[sbox-iliad: ~] > find / -name "libXtst*" 2>/dev/null

If you find it (i.e in /usr/local/lib/, search for the place where -lXtst is written and add -L/path/to/the/library (i.e. -L/usr/local/lib -lXtst).
Yeah, that must've been my problem; I hadn't installed it properly because I can't find it.
At first, it didn't run because I had incorrect mmap settings, then I had problems resolving hosts that a
cp /scratchbox/etc/resolv.conf /etc/resolv.conf
apt-get update
still doesn't work so well and libXts seems to have missing dependencies. I thought of using apt-get build-dep but I have problems stating things on now. It's time for bed.

Using the dependencies-helper scripts, you would install the Xtst library with:
Ah! It searches on! Very clever.

P.S.: I changed today the wiki page you mentioned because I've just updated a fixed version of the dependencies-helper scripts. Check that you have downloaded dependencies-helper_20080718-1.tar.gz or repeat the step 11 of the howto to be sure you have the correct version. The old one doesn't work anymore.
I was in luck because I followed that part of the tutorial today, including getting the 20080718 version. BTW, now the wiki page has a different tarball for the tar xzf command, it doesn't reflect the updated wget command.

P.S.2: You may find easier to use the VMWare image that Adam prepared. It is the sticky thread in the iliad developer forum. It has a lot of commonly used libraries compiled and included in the image's scratchbox environment.
Thank you! I don't have VMWare, so I'll have to stick it out with a scratchbox environment for unix.
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