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Please, help me with simple compiling first steps

I'm trying to compile evkb.c for the iLiad. I've followed the steps in this scratchbox tutorial and I'm inside the scratchbox environment now. As per my (mis?)understanding of Thomas' tips here I apt-get source libxext-dev on my non-scratchbox, regular environment, copied the source directory to my scratchbox environment and compiled it there, running, make, and make install which seemed to copy the libraries to the include directories.

I've changed evkb's Makefile to just say gcc which does seem to resolve to the proper cross compiler when I call make from within scratchbox. The problem is that the linker cannot find -lXtst. What should I do?

Did I miss some steps? I don't understand the dependencies-helper shell scripts and how to use them. There's a lot for me to learn when it comes to porting stuff to the iLiad. Would you please help me?
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