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Easy way to fix font on Sigil?

My first post...hello all.

Now the problem :/

Is there an easy way to fix a font issue in Sigil? I'm just learning how to use Sigil and Calibre to edit my book, but for some reason I can't get a change to save.

I converted my .mobi to .epub, then opened the .epub in Sigil. I found that any time I used bullets (points and/or numbered bullet points), the font for the indented text is HUGE. While I can't figure out how to make the font all exactly the same, I changed the Heading on the large-font text (only) from "Normal" to "Heading 6," and the result is close enough (not ideal, but a heck of a lot better than the monster font I was getting).

The problem is that I can't save the file as a different name (says I can't save it with that name, already in use), and when I save it as the current name of the file, the changes don't save. I saved the document (as an .epub) on my desktop, closed Sigil, opened the document (which reopened Sigil) and the text is huge again.

If anyone has any idea how to:

a) change the font the right way and,
b) save it so the changes stick

I would greatly appreciate it. Once that sticks, I will open that file in Calibre, change it to a .mobi file, then upload it at Amazon KDP and be done. Thanks in advance.
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