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Originally Posted by itimpi View Post
I believe that the reason Dave Pierron had trouble was that as well as having copyrighted books in his public folder, he had also widely posted the URL that could be used to access his library. If he had not done that I would be extremely surprised if he had problems. It was this public visibility that resulted in Dropbox being served with DCMA takedown notices, and thus Dropbox deciding to cancel his account.

If you are going to be paranoid, then you should not have copyrighted books ANYWHERE in your DropBox folders - not just the public ones. If you carefully read the Dropbox tems of service the limitation is not just to your Public folder. However if you do not give out your URL for your public folder then it is unlikely that anyone will care.

Calibre2opds also has an option to 'obfusticate' file names for the catalog files so that it would be much harder to 'guess' them. This means even if someone guessed the base URL for your Public folder they would find it difficult to find the catalog files.
I'm definitely not paranoid! But I also didn't want my Dropbox acct cancelled, as I have tons of stuff on there that I really need. I wasn't aware that this had only happened to one person. I'm currently storing my Calibre database in Dropbox, but not in the public folder. Are you saying that I'm not really in any danger of moving it to the public folder if I don't give the URL to anyone? (not that I was ever planning to)

Thanks for the info.
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