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Originally Posted by Mono View Post
Yes, I am happy.

Keep in mind, it is not tablet. It is aimed mainly for reading documents. It is possible to use web browser, but it is rudimentary. e-books are not very suitable for web browsing.

Not everything is perfect (the user interface might be more user friendly to speed up workflow), but I am not aware about better solution on 10" e-paper.

There are probably better solutions (I mean programs for reading, anotating and handling pdfs) on tablets, but I work too much with LCD display and need e-paper solution....
Yes, it's not a tablet. I don't want a tablet. E-ink was key! I despise reading research papers on a LCD screen. It's peculiar to me why it is so difficult with all the technology that we have that the choices are slim for 1) Large screen for PDF's 2) e-ink 3) Good annotation capability 4) Browser to buy e books for pleasure reading. I don't get it.
Are you in the states? I am planning on buying mine from I guess it's in GA. Was wondering if you were happy with the customer service.
One last question- about the browser- so you're saying that ebooks aren't very suitable for web viewing. But you are able to buy books from your device? Or do you have to use your mac or pc to buy them and then transfer? I'm going on vaca and plan on doing a lot of ebook reading.
What is the point to have a crappy browser anyway? I don't get that.
Yes, I am clearly a newbie!
Thanks for your time!
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