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Originally Posted by kiwidude View Post
it will find you variations like "Arthur C Clark", "Arthur C. Clark" and "Clark, Arthur C." for instance. Fuzzy is the loosest search, it tries to flatten names out by taking the author last name and the first initial of their first name, in order to catch "A. Clark" and "Arthur Clark". However as you have found it will produce a lot of false positives from this approach.
Would it be possible to have a modifier for the Fuzzy search to include the whole first name rather than just the first initial so Arthur C. Clarke would match with Arthur Charles Clark or Arthur Clark but not Amy, Aaron, Adam (Etc) Clark?

Not a huge need as Fuzzy works well enough for finding those pesky middle name/initial variants but cutting down the false positives when that's what we're looking for would be a big help if it's not too much of a PITA (or impossible. Or already possible and I'm too dense to have found it ).
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