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Originally Posted by Kayonaluna View Post
Hi, sorry I know you wrote this long time ago but this very thing happened to me just the other day it was plugged in for days and when I went to turn it on it wouldn't turn on. Okay long story short I did the hard reset and the first time it didn't work but you hold the vox long ways and use two fingers for the volume button and your thumb of your right had for the power it worked like almost instantly .. I hope you didn't give up on your vox I love mine
I think what happened to you is the Sleep-of-Death (SOD) issue, rather than a dead Vox. The issues are different. Normally with SOD if you hold the power button down for 10seconds(I count to 20 cause I generally count too fast) and then release and turn on again, it should work.

There is a fix though that has solved my issue. I'm sure it'll solve yours.

To OP: Sorry to hear you're having such issues. I hope you get a replacement soon!
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