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Originally Posted by ixtab View Post
All of this should be working. In fact, I'm running all of it on 5.1.2.

The jailbreak is not deleted on upgrading.

Please provide more details - i.e.: what do you mean by "is not working"? Which error messages do you get? What is in the system log ("showlog" via usbnetwork)?

So, you are completely sure that jailbreak (no ads) and other applications (collection manager) should work on 5.1.2?
Im asking because I bought my Kindle Touch yesterday and it was 5.1.1 so I tried jailbreaking it with the "website way" but it didnt work, the ads were still there.
Now I updated it to 5.1.2 and gonna try it again.

Which method you say it is more effective to jailbreak Kindle Touch? (before the Website way I tried the one with the MP3 and it didnt work either)...thats why Im unsure of what to use...
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