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have you got your vox to work

Originally Posted by LolaJay View Post

Insert 'Kobo Vox' wherever they say parrot. It passed on last night. Screen kind of froze, but managed to get it powered off. However, the three 'buttons' at the bottom have remained lit up. Fully charged when this happened btw. Now it won't turn back on.

Spoke with Kobo tech support this morning. They walked me through a couple of reset attempts - no luck. My incident has been moved up to Tier 2 tech support, so I guess it's serious. Under warranty, so I'll either get a repair or replacement at some point.

Has this happened to anyone else out there? Anyone have any experience with Tier 2 support? What's my wait time looking like?

Meanwhile, back to actual paper books... so cumbersome...
Hi, sorry I know you wrote this long time ago but this very thing happened to me just the other day it was plugged in for days and when I went to turn it on it wouldn't turn on. Okay long story short I did the hard reset and the first time it didn't work but you hold the vox long ways and use two fingers for the volume button and your thumb of your right had for the power it worked like almost instantly .. I hope you didn't give up on your vox I love mine
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