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Originally Posted by rlauzon
iTunes Music "Store" doesn't sell music. It rents it. You have no control over the content it "sells" and it can change the rules of your "purchase" at any time.
Actually, the iTune store does sell music; they are not a subscription service. Buy album. Download album. Burn to CD. Yours to keep forever. Re-rip into MP3, Ogg, or whatever. Play in your car. Play on your computer. Apple can't stop you. Ever.

My point was that you need a convergence of three things: a convenient display device, a convenient content provider, and a seamless integration of both, as well as the fact that eBooks solve a problem most people don't have.

Originally Posted by rlauzon
1. I am one of those people who are reading several books at once. It's much easier to carry several books on my Palm. Also since my Palm is on my person at all times, it's much easier to snatch a quick read at the long traffic light, standing in line at the store, etc.

2. I am getting access to content that I never had access to before. Project Gutenberg and Fictionwise has offered me content that is long out of print and that I never read before. Tarzan, for example. More stories by Jack London than I could ever find in print. And more.
Again, you are not representative of the mainstream; remember that many people don't even own a PDA.

While we're on the topic of content: Tarzan is easy, but what about Burrough's Carson of Venus stories? I'm still hoping that Moorcock's Eternal Champion stories come out in electronic editions because the American White Wolf printings are getting scarce on the ground. I've got dozens of paper books stacked up that aren't available electronically, anywhere.

eBooks have the potential of eliminating the concept of "out of print", but it hasn't happened yet.

I'm also getting "teaser" content from places like Baen so I can experience authors that I've never read before with no cost to myself.[/QUOTE]
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