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I have uploaded 5 books to the Kobo Writing Life directly as epubs. They all sideloaded great as epubs to my Kobo Touch (with little changes that I could live with), but going through the portal has changed the epub, though the site said it wouldn't be converted. I could only view the free one, because for some reason I cannot buy the ones for sale. I get error code 39 which I was told meant I could not purchase the books and it had nothing to do with my credit card. Is this because I am the seller?

So the one I could download, the free one, had issues with centering and indenting text and adding spaces between paragraphs which makes lines of poetry look strange. I am still waiting on responses from the help people and waiting for an update to take effect that I am hoping will address some of the issues, but it is 2 days and no word and no update.

If anyone else has the same issues and gets some fixes please let me know. I am wondering if it works better starting with a Word document and letting it convert? I don't know why it can look fine when sideloaded and not look fine going through the portal.
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