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Originally Posted by afv011 View Post
That's not the home screen, it's the app drawer. Unlike iOS, Android has a desktop (several actually) where you can place apps shortcuts, widgets, direct dial and so on, plus an app drawer that is similar to the only thing you have on iOS.
Ahh, you're right! That's where you see a closely-spaced grid of icons on a black background in Android -- not on the home screen, as with iOS. So the only thing contrived in the Android photo is the square backgrounds on each icon. I suspect that if you search a while, you can relatively easily come up with a set of apps whose icons are all square, even though that's not the norm.

OK, so the joke ***is*** funny, after all. Samsung/Google clearly did copy Apple and we (or at least I) were just too stupid to realize it. Of course they botched the job because they foolishly buried their home screen in the app drawer.
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