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This is just an opinion and my own position perspective on @jcg. #162 and please don’t think I’m being critical, quite the opposite, if you have the time, enthusiasm and money then I’d encourage you to go for it.

It’s NOT that bricking is bad, it probably adds lots more options but would that regarded as off topic as this is “mobileread” thread ? If people really have a Kindle that you don’t want to use with Amazon then it sounds like an interesting project.

I would like to be able to use the Kindle as the primary display for the Pi but I don’t want to totally repurpose the Kindle. I still want to take my Kindle on holiday and read my books in the Sun. :-) The goal for me would be have an eInk display I can use with a full size keyboard (to the Pi) for some compute capability. An alternative approach would be a full sized keyboard on the Kindle but that’s another story. I’d probably be replace this configuration later this year with an Android Tablet that has a PixelQi screen when they finally hit the market. The usual promises of imminent release have been going on for months.

Hacking the 3G and tethering sounds a little more risky. Perhaps the TelCos and Amazon have thought of that one and would have some monitoring and protection in place if this goes outside a little non-Amazon use e.g. more than is reasonably possible via the experimental browser etc. I’ve not read the Amazon Terms and Conditions but there could be a gotcha clause in there that makes you liable for costs (assuming they can identify you). Alternatively perhaps they would just cut off the 3G (and brick the device?)

Alas I have constraints of time so I have to moderate my interest, although I’m interested in how you’d get on with these other projects, the only one I can put anytime into would be the non-destructive use of Kindle so returning to that topic: the conclusion I’ve reached so far is x2vnc approach works, it’s a little laggy and a little more is needed to configure the openbox/Xvnc server for more X terminal features and then the automation of it all to fire up from boot. I’ll post some of this to the Rpi forum too.

Thanks all for the help. Great forum, thread and some great posts.
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