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Originally Posted by elcreative View Post
Funny, looks like many friends' Android smartphones except for having app icons only with no larger widget icons... guess it'd take me around three minutes max to have similar screen by deleting three widgets from homescreen and adding half a dozen apps... it's also not very far from my Galaxy II S straight out of the box...
Again, I apologize for over-analyzing what was meant to be a joke, but...

When I look at my screen, nearly all the icons lack those background boxes -- they are not squares in a grid, but rather individual distinct shapes related to function. For example, the clock icon is round. They are also much more widely-spaced than that picture. There's probably some way to adjust icon spacing --Android is very configurable -- but I don't know how. Even with Android, I don't think there is a way to place each icon in a square background.

And if you take away the widgets, you might as well run iOS! No sane Android user would have a widgetless home screen!

And who in the world has a plain black background on their Android phone?

Anyway, again with apologies, that picture is extremely contrived to mislead the public and the judiciary into thinking that Google copied Apple. I don't think you can deny that.

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