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Originally Posted by geekmaster View Post
Unless you have hardware problems or a damaged bootloader, or download or storage problems causing corrupt image files, there is no (known) reason for this debricking method to fail.

The fastboot problem could be that libusb-win32 is not configured properly, or that fastboot mode is dropping out because of a USB reset. Try saving fastboot mode in diags (install fastboot bundle). Then reboot should go directly to fastboot mode. Try using a linux fastboot program.

EXACTLY what commands did you use and what were the results? We have had plenty of problems lately from people saying they followed the instructions, only to find out later that they flashed the wrong files to the wrong partitions. Seeing what you did can help diagnose this problem. Just SAYING that you followed the instructions and they did not work places you in the same situation we saw for people who said the same thing, but skipped steps or flashed the wrong images.

Please provide enough information to find out WHY your debricking is problematic.

I apologize for not providing enough information. I will focus each post on a technique I tried and will provide as much detail as possible.

Method: Fastboot Install from Diags

- Selected Fastboot Bundle Install
- Kindle asked: Are you sure? So I selected D) To continue
- After 8 secs, Kindle reboots and I get the Amazon Tree screen
- I then get a "Enter MOVINAND Test" screen
- Then it says DIAGS PASSED Send This Unit to the Next Station
- Selected Exit which brings me back to the Exit, Reboot, or Disable Diags screen

Edit: This was all done with the kindle plugged into my laptop for charging purposes.

How do I verify that I am in fastboot mode?

Thanks again for your help.

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