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Originally Posted by geekmaster View Post
There is also a diags command to rewrite them from an XML file, but I do not know what the format is.

On my first K4, all the idme vars got replaced with spaces, and it need to know the PCBSN to know how to init RAM. I had to create a custom u-boot that WROTE my known values into mmc. Then I copied the partitions and kernels from my new K4 onto the old one. They both work now... The dead K4 was my main reason for figuring out how to create a custom MfgTool profile (later published in the "select boot" thread).

Can you boot to main with MfgTool? Can you flash diags_ssh with fastboot so you have SSH in diags?

There is now a 5.1.0 main image with jailbreak and ssh pre-installed.
Using mfgtool, I tried flashing diags, fastboot, and main. Each will say they are successful, but only the diags flash results in a reboot of my kindle.

When I try to use fastboot, I'm stuck "waiting for device".

It seems my kindle really likes to be in diags mode and doesn't want to let me ssh into it and fix it.
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