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Books I didn't buy on 2 new Kobo Wifi readers (not 100 free books)


Have an odd issue going on. My wife and I just upgraded from the first gen Kobo to the Kobo Wifi last night and today. All went well with setting them up and everything. We've had our old Kobos for over 2 years so we know what we're doing at this point.

After setting my wife's up last night I noticed something weird. After syncing with the desktop app, there is not only the 100 free ebooks that come included and the books we've already purchased but also books we haven't purchased. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and all three Girl With The Dragon Tattoo books are a few examples. These additional books won't open if I try to. My first thought was the Kobo had been returned after someone had loaded books on it.

However, while setting my new reader up this afternoon I purposely checked my reader BEFORE I synced it with the desktop app. All normal with just the 100 free ebooks showing up. So I synced it and of course it loaded all our previously purchased books. Surprise, surprise! There's all the extra books we didn't buy AGAIN!

Checking either Kobo on the computer reveals nothing extra. Kobo desktop can't see them and neither can Calibre and Adobe Digital Editions. The two Kobos weren't even synced on the same computer. Does anybody have any idea why Kobo would sync books we haven't purchased?
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