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Best Pre-Sigil word processor tool/workflow?

Been a lurker for a while now, but after working on several ebook projects using Sigil I have a question for other regarding best practices / tools for getting an ebook manuscript into shape BEFORE importing into Sigil.

I know it isn't technically a Sigil question, but after struggling with _horrible_ html output from MSWORD 97 (really really bad), and WORD2003 (better, but so so ugly and bloated..) I figured there were better workflow options and tools that would help me avoid fixing hundreds of EPUB validation issues with every book.

My key questions are:
1) What word processors can export to html that is nmore EPUB/xhtml clean.
2) What is your workflow like: i.e. original manuscript in MS WORD (as most start there..) to application X to do Y -->Then use __ to ___ --> import to Sigil --> Save to .epub.
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