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Recovered from SOD

I've had the SOD since December, and its meant that I just don't use the Vox. Like everyone else, I got around it by keeping the wireless on all the time, but I travel a lot and I couldn't use it on planes (wireless on) or in the quiet carriage of trains (irritating start-up sound, particularly without root after the last update).

So, I decided that it was either a doorstop or I'd dismantle the vox and put in a new SDcard with the image file provided from this forum

As reported by others, this worked fine and the new image didn't have the SOD problem. However, it upgraded to Canadian specs. Out of interest, I put the old card back in, rebooted and now it still runs without the SOD problem! Long battery life (several days in standby, so I don't need the charger), no long start-up times or sound when I'm on the move (I also rooted it by adding su and Superuser.apk while the card was out, and deleted the startup sound).

So, it seems that the SOD isn't a matter of a problem with the software on the card. Maybe there's some sort of onboard memory as well which gets cleared in the process of changing the sdcard? Either by disconnecting the battery or actually changing the card? The obvious one to try first is just to disconnect the battery on a vox which has the SOD problem (which mine doesn't ) for 5 minutes, reconnect (the date and time reset to 1970) and see if the SOD persists. This is an easy job (no screws) and, on mine, didn't result in a factory reset and all the software I'd previously installed was still there and usable.

Anybody want to try it and let me know?
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