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Post-Root Battery Life experiences? Please contribute!

Hello. There is only one thread on this anywhere on the net and it is very old without many posts. The PRS-T1 has been around long enough now that many root users should have a fair idea of battery life.

Approximately how many hours are you rooted PRS-T1 owners getting? Is it worse than before? Have you found methods to compensate? Does the app used to read make a difference in your experience?

Most of the people mentioning a difference say it is significantly worse after rooting. However there are also the occasional post with someone who doesn't notice a difference. Assume the PRS-T1 was fully charged when rooted (or that the battery has since been recalibrated).

Please post regardless if your experience is positive or negative or even if you feel your opinion isn't noteworthy. Thanks guys! I love the forum!

edit: BAH! Didn't include PRS-T1 in the thread title. If there be a MODERATOR please change the title to clarify! Thanks!

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