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Originally Posted by Peter Sorotokin View Post
This property is better suited for hyphenation control:

adobe-hyphenate: none | explicit | auto

You should be able to set it on individual spans if you want to disable hyphenation. adobe-text-layout: optimizeSpeed works (only on paragraph), but it uses lower quality typography and it is not recommended.
Sorry for double posting

How would I add this to make the whole book not hyphenate on calibre? I really dont know crap about programming, but I hate hyphenations enough! lol

body {
adobe-hyphenate: none

in the calibre LOOK & FEEL - Extra CSS menu? Just add there?? Do I know the epub with some other program and add it in the beginning of it? oh god i m lost

EDIT: Whats the easiest way to lose the hyphenation on all of my books? If adding that line is as simple as I said above ( on calibre and etc) its np, but if I gotta edit 923913291 lines of text, would it be using the bug on opf? Thank you.

Converting videos is so much easier =(((

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