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Originally Posted by Funslinger View Post
Then why do you use full justification? (Your   example   of   increased   spacing   was   incorrect   anyway.)

I prefer left-aligned text and I STILL get hyphens on a Nook Simple Touch (EDIT: That is until a started using Peter Sorotokin's suggestion of {adobe-hyphenate: none}; but that only works for non-DRMed ebooks). End-of-line hyphens drive me crazy as does breaking a hyphenated word on the hyphen. Had I known that the NOOK Simple Touch auto hyphenates, I wouldn't have bought it.
Would you mind explaining how you got the ADE line to work on calibre as if I was 5 years old please?

Do I simply add this on calibre CSS panel - styles? (the menu where I change fonts, justification and etc)

body {
adobe-hyphenate: none

Sorry for a 2nd question

I d love to simply have the bug abused, so:

I open my calibre library, and I have 4 files. book.epub, original.epub, cover, and the .opf file. Opening it with the notepad, I have that line, if I simpyl alter the ENG to UND and save it, then import the books thru adobe essentials to my nook, will that work? Should I import em manually navigating thru the folders or thru ADE?

I hate hyphenations so much, gotta love it dividing McGon-agall >.<

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