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Lightbulb Feature Bounty - Audio Book Management/Player

I hope this is not considered rude or frowned upon. As a non-developer but appreciative user of Calibre I would like to offer a bounty to whoever is able to develop a feature for the application that I would like implemented. Again please understand it is not my intention to offend but to provide what direct support I can.

It is my request to develop audio book management.

I am aware of and appreciate the efforts of Jesse Chrisholm in developing a plugin capable of audio book management however the caveat of breaking series tracking functionality makes the plugin unusable in my library wherein I have made an effort to sort all series.

To any developer, Jesse included, interested in developing a solution to enable Calibre to manage audio books made up of multiple files in as seamless a manner as it does ebooks, I offer $100 USD upon delivery of a working beta and an additional $100 USD once the plugin is merged into the main Calibre application.

Expected features are as follows:
  • Ability to add single or multiple file audiobooks to Cailbre through the same process as required for regular ebooks (probably with an extra step to specify the multiple files required for the single book)
  • Ability to append audiobooks of single or multiple files to existing Calibre entries for text books.
  • Support for common audio formats.
  • Ability to edit metadata as per the usual or a modified version of metadata editor window.
  • Ability to copy to devices as per usual process.
  • Ability to download metadata by entering ISBN of text equivalent book.

I understand the financial incentive is not large considering the hourly wage a programmer normally receives however it is my humble offer.

Please note that I will only be paying the offers once each. If interested please reply to express your interest with any additional information below and I will select an submission in one week.

Again I hope I have not offended anyone with this request.

EDIT: 20/07/2012 Increased audio book management bounty from $50+100 to $100+$100 and removed player functionality bounty.

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