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Originally Posted by Zaltys View Post
Hi all,

I've written a script for boox devices to attach the text of annotations into a PDF. Unfortunately the information stored in the database is not enough to easily export the highlights as well, but this script attaches a note with your comments on each page you make the comments on - hopefully better than nothing :-). You can also use it to just print out a list of all your annotations.

The script currently works on the Mac and Linux (well, I haven't tested on linux, but it should work provided you have ghostscript installed). I'll get it working on windows over the course of the next few days. I've only tested on the M92, but I assume the DB format is the same for other boox devices. If not, I should be able to fix it reasonably easily :-).

I know the M92 is getting a proper export feature soon, but I hope this is useful in the interim and for earlier devices.

To use, just download and unzip, then read the README!
Great, exactly what I need because I make a lot of annotations on pdf documents on my Ereader and want to export them to my laptop. Two questions, however:
1. Will the script also work for the Icarus Excel, as far as I know, the successor of the Onyx M92?
2. When and where can I get a windows version?
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