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Originally Posted by JSWolf View Post
It is not an issue. It's a good thing. better the hyphens then [than] the wide gaps. As long as you can turn off hyphens for certain styles it's a good thing to have.
That is a matter of opinion. If there is an option to turn it off, then I am fine with it. But if it can't be turned off, it's a deal breaker for me. I hate to have hyphens at the ends of lines PERIOD. It forces me to withhold internal pronunciation until I scan all the way to the start of the next line to conclude the word. I hate having to break my train of thought in the MIDDLE of a word.

An ereader should facilitate reading, not make the page look nice at first glance. I have no problem with wide gaps at the ends of lines (many paragraph endings have wide gaps even with full justification). The uniform word spacing of left-aligned text along with no hyphenation or wrapped hyphenated words, improves the flow of text and facilitates reading for me.
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