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K2 Update Help Needed -> Can't get to 2.5.8 after old Jailbreak

Ok, so my wife has a K2 (B003) that I Jailbroke and installed the Screensaver hack on awhile back. Her software version is 2.5.3 and I wanted to update her at least to the latest software.

I've tried to install the latest official software but the update is failing.

Do I need to remove the jailbreak before updating? I'm not sure what I installed, so what bin do I use to remove it?

Do I need to remove the screensaver hack before installing the official software?

Aside from a factory reset, which I am avoiding at all cost (I don't want to have to rebuild her folders), what are my options?

I successfully installed and uninstalled another jailbreak hoping that would clear everything out but it still didn't allow me to install the official software update to 2.5.8.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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