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Using two clients and one database?

I'm currently (and very happily) running Calibre on an old laptop and using the OPDS server to access our library via Moon+ reader on our android tablets. This is all working 100% OK.

I VNC onto the laptop from my desktop to add new titles, do conversions etc, which works ok, but thanks to the limited spec of the laptop can be very slow, especially when doing conversions and metadata updates. If I need to do any heavy work I normally close down Calibre on the laptop, and launch it on my desktop with the desktop copy pointing to a network share on the laptop containing the library.

I'm fine with doing things this way, but was wondering if it was possible to have two clients active at the same time? i.e. leave the 'master' copy running on the laptop when launching the copy on my desktop? Or it likely to screw up the database?
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