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Well, I'm a poor writer who can't afford an expert. And I know enough writers who've complained about paying for "eBook formatters" who just did an awful job (the same can be said of cover designers). I've been approached by these formatters who have even offered me EPUBs and PRCs of their work. Again, the PRC always looks so much better than the EPUB. If you do things right in Word, your final AZW on Amazon is going to be pretty much WYSIWYG. I know there is a huge contingent of EPUB advocates out there, but I wish they would at least admit that Amazon Kindles generally do a much better job of flowing words on to the screen than the Nook.

I'm pulling my hair out trying to produce EPUBs that look decent on ALL devices, and the Simple Touch is driving me to insanity. I don't even mess around with Smashwords because the one time I tried I was left simply aghast at the havoc wrought by the dreaded Meatgrinder.

Anyway... I know HTML, CSS, and a little PHP and JavaScript. So I'm not flying totally blind here. If there's a resource out there that details how to write a perfect book in HTML, I'd love to know about it. Hell, I'd even pay for it. I can write a first draft easily enough in a vanilla text processor, then worry about the formatting later. And again, I just write fiction, so there are no graphics or illustrations for me to consider. I just want to write the best possible product there is, so I can output an EPUB I can be proud of and that the world will thank me for.

I'm especially interested in learning about these embedded fonts that everyone says the Big-Six knows about but no one else really does. I'm an old IT guy, and I know all about self-preservation practices aimed to protect the career I no longer have. Eventually, it all comes out....

I was in the mood to ramble. I apologize.

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