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Device: iriver Story HD (Brand New!)
Alright, here is the current status of the device:
  • The menu is set to "Folder View"
  • The folder names are all shortened to avoid reaching the 255 character limit (I think that was a major issue)
  • I figured out lag was due to some of my scans having color pages (the pages will load and go to the next page, I just need to get to a black and white image for the speed to fully return).
  • The back key is now working as it is supposed to. It stopped being a weirdo after I re-ran the Startup Wizard.
  • Note: The SD card I have is properly formatted, FAT32, in windows. I have been making sure to do this with the Panisonic SD card formatting tool.

I may look into getting a better SD card as I have had this one for a long time and it has been used in many devices. I am sure it is only SD and not SDHC which could also be causing undesired issues. It is most likely I will look into one of those Patriot Class 10, 32GB SDHC cards from tiger direct. Might as well snatch one up while they are only 21 bucks.

So, as of right now, I am going to play it extremely safe and load each folder onto the device separately, also making sure their folder names aren't too long. Some scanners feel it necessary to name each image with the manga name, volume, chapter, and page number. So, I think I am going to have to seriously abbreviate some...

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