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Okay, so last night after I finished the first post, I had remembered that I exited out of the "First Start Wizard" prematurely, THEN updated the device afterwards. Thats when things started to get weird. So I just re-ran the wizard with the 1.32 firmware and the device seems to be working %95 perfect right now. Books are exiting fine, and the dictionary works. I reconnected it to the wifi, and that did fix some of the clock issues.

Also, that one file in the root directory, "firmup_complete" has vanished from the device after I ran the Startup wizard again.

As far as the SD card, I am still having some issues. I mentioned earlier that it was a Class 2 4GB card (which was a freebie) that I have had for awhile. I originally bought the device to read japanese Mangas on it, so I of course loaded all my scans to the SD. I have 1.23GB in scans loaded on my SD card, and when I put the card in the iriver, it freezes the device and I have to do a hard-reset. I think this might be because one or two things:

A) The Mangas must be added to the SD card while inside the iriver, not via a card reader.
B) I need to gradually move all the mangas over, not one huge clump of 1 GB at a time.
C) I need to invest in a bigger, higher class card that can be more easily read and accessed.

Also another thing that is likely caused by the SD: whenever I read a manga off the SD, the pages take FOREVER to load. I click to turn the page and it takes around 1-20 seconds to turn the page.

Nonetheless, reading anything from the internal memory works just fine now. No hics or anything. The only thing that bugs me is that the text size cannot be set default for every epub you read.
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