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Originally Posted by Booxtor View Post
Please don't be confused by the box labeling.
We don't offer other models - the box from Onyx is just universal for all models of i62 they produce..

You can test the resolution easily:

download this picture (it is in HD 1024 x 768):

open it and zoom to 100% - it should fit complete display.

You can also compare it to resolution of regular i62 (800 х 600):
Thanks! It turned out that it is indeed the HD model.
By the way, actual screen dimensions are 758x1024 pixels (not 768x1024, as stated on several websites, and which is normal for XGA monitors on PC).

I composed two test patterns to check the screen resolution.
These test patterns contain a grid of alternating lines to prove that the bitmap pixels are actually mapped 1-to-1 to screen pixels, while the circles in the corners can be used to check the width and height of the display.

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