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Originally Posted by geekmaster View Post
Yes. It would just be the Home key pressed and released twice during a short time period. You can read the keypress events in a script or a C program from the keyboard event device, or by calling the system "waitforkey" command. Of course, you need to do it in a separate thread so it does not stop video playback while checking for a keypress event. There are probably other ways to check for a keypress as well...
ok,i know its been a few days, but i just read your
post more thoroughly, and i saw what you said at the end about another way to check for a keypress event.
well i was fumbling around blindly while a video was going, trying to close the video(i had forgotten about ctr c) and i somehow typed in hd, which displays keypresses like command prompt in windows displays ctrl commands... with alot of arrows and a letter corresponding to the keypress.
i was wondering... could there be someway to use that to close videos?
btw sorry for grammatical/spelling errors, im typing this on my kindle... XD
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