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Device: iriver Story HD (Brand New!)
Exclamation New Story HD. Help!

Okay, I just got a brand-spanking new Story HD from I was playing around with it earlier and it was functioning fine. It shipped with a dead battery and was running firmware 1.00. I connected it to WiFi after the battery was fully charged and the device updated to firmware 1.32 (via the wifi updater), the most currently released firmware. The device downloaded some 10 files and then the 1.32 update (which was very bizarre in size; somewhere around 400KB) afterwards. Right now, I am experiencing some... Issues.
  • The device freezes whenever I insert my SD card (even my empty one).
  • For some insight, I have a 4GB "Gigaware" 2 Class SDHC here from radio shack. I just formated the card and everything, yet it still isn't working.
  • Whenever I reset the device by holding the off/on slider, it does reset the device, but the blasted thing changes the time and date as well.
  • When I read a book and hit the "Back" key, the device freezes for a second and then takes me all the way to the home screen. Oddly enough, the cursor keeps going to the "Sign Into Google Ebooks thing".
  • EDIT: Now when I hop out of a book, it freezes. It keeps saying I was last reading the "Story HD User Guide"
  • EDIT 2: The collins english dictionary is now freezing upon word search.
  • I have disabled the wifi after my updates as well.

Also, Here is a screen of the root directory and system folder. Perhaps something is missing, or a file that is there shouldn't be...?

*Note: all the files in the "System" folder say they were last modified in 2011.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Was it something I did that could have busted it? Can I fix this by downgrading to 1.29 or something (if so, how)?

Please, if anyone knows or has some suggestions, it is extremely appreciated. I just got this device for my birthday, and it would kill me if I had to ask my parents to send it back.

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