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Originally Posted by Jimbo724 View Post
P.S. If all I do is change the file name and resend it to my Touch, I create a duplicate file on the device. The original file stays on the device, along with the new, renamed version. So I guess my question is, is there a sync function that replaces the old version on the device with the renamed version sent to the device, or am I stuck with deleting and resending every book that I want to rename for better sorting?
I may or may not have an answer. You're so right about stuff staying on the device when you click on the device's delete.

It's still a lot of work, but I've found on my Kindle v4 that if I delete files with Calibre they don't get stored in the Archives list like they do if I delete them via the device itself. I spent hours on the phone with Kindle people trying to remove duplicates. Never did work right. They said I had to delete everything from my Amazon archives (at Manage your Kindle) then I could delete everything from the Kindle!!!!!! How sweet (and competent) of them.

If I send an updated file using Calibre's default it goes to the Kindle's Home page, which requires moving it to the proper collection later (I'm assuming you have collections).

There have been times when I've sent an updated file and it actually replaced the one in the collection, but I can't duplicate that action now.
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