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"Brilliant" free for the Kindle July 13 - 17

I am doing a five day free promotion for my novel on Amazon. Here is the book description if you're interested in reading a work of crime fiction to escape reality for a few hours.

This gripping crime novel from author Steven Thompson will keep you turning the pages until the exciting conclusion. Follow the adventures of four childhood friends who have grown up to find the futures they envisioned have eluded them. Together, they embark on a bold journey to alter the course of their lives and leave their marks in the annals of criminal history as jewel thieves.

Alex Stevens has returned to Orlando, Florida after serving a tour of duty with the Army in Afghanistan. Working a dead end job, he realizes his prospects for the future are as bleak as the war torn country he has just left.

He devises a plot to change his fate and enlists the help of his three closest friends: Thomas "Griff" Griffin, fellow veteran; Brody Michaels, first mate of a fishing charter and laid back beach bum; and Chris Michaels, Brody's younger brother and ex high school football star.

The four friends orchestrate a daring diamond heist in a bid to escape their mundane lives and take their fortunes and futures by storm. It will require nerve, meticulous planning, and a little luck for them to succeed - and even the smallest mistake could shatter their plans for paradise and send them to prison instead.

Take advantage of this promotional offer before it ends. Thank you.
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