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Possibly borked Kobo

Hi there,

So I've been having an issue for a bit. I've gotten in contact with customer support but I thought I'd also ask this forum to see if anyone can also offer suggestions.

The situation:

When I first got my Kobo, I wasn't able to connect to my wifi network. After a few firmware updates this was solved. Until about mid-march when my kobo touch forgot my network and wouldn't connect anymore. I thought that maybe I had forgotten my password to my network. So I attempted to log in with another device and was successful. I kept trying with my touch and always ran into an error. I brought my touch to a friend's house and was successful there. When I brought it back home, I tried again and was successful.

However, a week later, it forgot the network and would not connect again. When the recent update came out I thought I would sync it to my computer and try again. It wouldn't sync to my computer. I had borrowed a phone that had the ability to become a wifi hotspot, set it to open, and managed to update the Kobo. I still couldn't connect to my wifi network.

So I did a factory reset. When I hooked it up to my computer to start from scratch, it couldn't complete the setup saying that my computer had dropped my internet connection. This despite the fact that my computer is physically connected to the router and that I was browsing the internet at the time. Attempting to sync via the wifi hotspot would download the covers of the books but if you opened them, there was nothing in them.

So to summarize, I STILL can't connect to my network, I can't sync to my computer and I can't place any content into my kobo touch. The best that it can do is turn on and off.

Your help would be much appreciated.
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